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Top-grade travertine stone for sale

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How to install travertine stone Buy travertine stone at affordable price

Travertine is a classic choice for floors and walls both inside and outside the building. With its endless beauty, it will transform the home space into your favorite space. You can learn about top grade travertine stone for sale by visiting different online sites.


Top-grade travertine stone for sale

How to install travertine stone

How to install travertine stone Follow these steps to install travertine stone:

  • Before installing travertine stones, prepare the tools you need to work.
  •  Prepare your stone installation surface.The surface on which you install your travertine should be smooth and clean, so take the time to prepare it. Here are some examples of things to look for:Any prefabricated parts, including flooring, laminate or sheets previously installed on the floor, must be repaired or completely replaced. Any cracks on the concrete surface under the work must be repaired or covered with cracking materials. Damaged and damaged wood should be replaced and properly reinforced.
  •  Arrange and design your travertine stones before installation. You got it right! Travertine is a natural stone with a great variety. As a result, it must be combined during the installation process so that all the dark or light pieces of different sizes do not come together in one piece and show the beautiful combination. As a result, dry the pieces and put them together. If you have different sizes, put them together and change the composition of their arrangement regularly to get the shape you want. (You can start with two or three.)
  •  Make sure that both the travertine stone and its bed are completely dry.You cannot install a wet travertine. Both stone and substrate must be dry during installation.
  •  Sealer and method and time of its implementation on travertine stone.Travertine is softer than granite. For this reason, in order to protect the natural beauty of the stone, it is necessary to cover its surface with a sealer. It is very easy to apply sealer on the surface of travertine and should be applied periodically during installation and afterwards (usually every 3 to 5 years). Today, there are several types of sealers, the most common of which are the reinforcing type and the natural type. The reinforcing type darkens the stone surfaces, making the stone surface look “wet.” While natural sealers protect the surface of the stone without any change in its appearance.

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Buy travertine stone at affordable price

Buy travertine stone at affordable price The price of travertine stones depends on the following factors:

  •  Quality and analysis of stone:The most important parameter of stone quality is the physical and chemical analysis of the stone. And the closer the travertine stone is to the desired level, the higher the quality and the higher the price.
  • Grade quality travertine:The quality of travertine is very important in determining its price. And sometimes the same grade of super rocks is less expensive than grade 2 of the same stone.
  •  Different colors and designs:Travertine stones do not have much color variation, and among light and cream travertine stones, the lighter and whiter the color and the more regular the waves, the more popular and high the price, and the darker the travertine stones, the darker the waves and the waves. It is regular and has a higher price.
  • The degree of porosity of the stone:Travertine stones are clearly porous, but the lower the porosity, the higher the density of the stone and the better the stone’s susceptibility, and the higher the price.
  •  diameter and dimensions of stone:Travertine stones are mostly used in building facades and walls, and facade stones must be controlled by a scope to prevent the stone from falling, and the thickness of the travertine stone is very important for scooping the stone, and the thicker the stone, the higher the price. Travertine stones in Iran are mainly processed in 40 longitudinal lengths, and the price of dimensions outside the custom of 40 longitudinal lengths is determined by agreement, depending on the amount of order and the required dimensions.
  •  Accurate stone sort:Travertine stones have different types that are sorted after the cutting and sub-sorting stage. Recently, a device called a sorting machine has been doing stone sorting work. The more accurate and uniform the stone sort, the higher the price.

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