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Building stones

Among the characteristics of building stone we can point to its high durability and resistance, optimal polishing, abrasion and impact resistance, cutting and polishing, washability, color stability, resistance to heat and moisture, tensile and flexural strength, It can tolerate impermeability, resistance to climate change, high hardness and compressive strength, resistance to acidic and alkaline substances, and so on.


Stone facade

They are used because of their high durability, as well as their attractiveness and affordability. The stones extracted from the mine are cut to different dimensions according to their application specifications and are prepared for the facade of the building.

Flooring stone

The beauty of natural stones covers their inherent flaws. For centuries, natural stone has been used as a superior element in the construction of flooring all over the world.


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With the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of domestic products, Stones city Trading Group started its activities in the field of selling and exporting all kinds of interior decoration stones and building facade types and exporting building stones. One of the main concerns of our group is bestowing high-quality customers’ services to achieve customers’ satisfaction and stick a good shopping experience in the minds of our customers as well.


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